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Picture of Rachel Weisz.  Rachel Weisz is a popular movie actress.Rachel Weisz seems to be a very private person. I don't think Rachel Weisz says much about herself publicly. She acts like a lady and should be treated like a lady. Rachel Weisz is not like those wild Hollywood actresses who are always getting into trouble.

I would one day like to meet Rachel Weisz and learn more about her. I would like to know why she chose to be an actress. Maybe Rachel Weisz helps other people get into acting but I don't want to go into acting. I just like watching movies with Rachel Weisz in them.

Rachel Weisz probably gets asked many questions all the time. I would not want to pummel her with questions. That's a funny word, isn't it? You don't actually pummel people with questions. But she must get a lot of questions all the time. I am sure Rachel Weisz tries to answer fan questions when she can.

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