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Picture of Rachel Weisz.  Rachel Weisz is a popular movie actress.Not every picture of Rachel Weisz is sexy and sultry. Sometimes you find candid pictrues of Rachel from her movies or from real life. I saw one picture where she was obviously posing in a playful way. Rachel Weisz looks very sexy in some of her pictures.

They say that a lot of Hollywood actress pictures are air-brushed to make them look perfect. I suppose some of the Rachel Weisz pictures have been air-brushed and that is a shame. I think Rachel Weisz is a very pretty woman and she does not need to be air-brushed.

If I ever get to take Rachel Weisz' picture I will not air-brush it. I would want to see Rachel Weisz just as she is because I think Rachel Weisz is beautiful enough on her own.

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